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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the questions we are asked most frequently. Please click on each question to see the answer.

Why should I insist on a genuine vintage car for my wedding?

Wooden spoked car wheels Vintage cars (manufactured 1919 - 1930) are well known for their individuality and style. American cars of this era are renowned for their quality and dependability. Our cars are the genuine thing and relate back to the 1920’s.Copies of these types of cars do not have the originality, for example ours still have the original wooden spoke wheels and mohair interiors, not bad for something that was built in 1929.

Can I come along and see the cars?

Yes, and at your convenience, all we need is a phone call in advance to ensure there is somebody there to show you the cars.

Why do you have “nick” names for the cars?

We like to think we treat the cars as part of our family and have named them appropriately. “Hup” for Hupmobile and “Flo” for Hudson Essex as she belonged to the niece of Florence Nightingale.
Read more on the Meet the cars page.

How original are they?

Every effort has been made to keep our cars as authentic and original as practically possible, including the registration plates. DVLA granted this as part of the heritage for the Hudson Essex.

Is there much room in the back?

Plenty of room in the back from your wedding dress Plenty of room in the back from your wedding dress Yes. In the 1920’s the passenger came first in formal cars. Access to the rear is through tall, wide, hinged doors (ideal for wedding dresses as you can see on the right).

Are vintage cars reliable?

Yes. To ensure reliability, our cars are maintained and looked after by ourselves. Two of our chauffeurs have more than 70 year's mechanical experience between them.

How expensive were the cars when they were new?

Motoring, when these cars were new, was a very expensive pastime. Both cars cost in the region of 1000 American Dollars.

How many people will your vintage cars carry?

Each car can carry up to 4 passengers.

Do you decorate the cars?

The cars are decorated with Ribbons and Flowers All cars are decorated with ribbons and bows of your choice. Silk flowers are included on the rear window.

Why aren’t the cars white/ivory like other wedding cars?

A white wedding dress shows better definition against a darker car In wedding photographs, a white wedding dress shows better definition against a darker car.

Do chauffeurs wear uniforms?

Chauffeurs are dressed in grey matching uniforms and caps Yes. Our chauffeurs are dressed in grey matching uniforms and caps.

Are there reduced rates for 2 cars?

Can we call at a venue or park for photographs after the service?

Include the cars in your wedding photographs Yes. This is something we advise everybody to do.

Is Champagne included?

Champagne set up in a chilled ice bucket Yes. This is included in the price. Normally we have the Champagne set up in a chilled ice bucket for you to enjoy after the wedding service.

How long are the cars booked out for?

We only use our cars for on one occasion per day. We stop with you until you are satisfied the cars are no longer required.

Do we have to pay the full amount when booking?

No, but there is a £50 booking deposit per car with the balance paid 2 weeks prior to the wedding service.

How do I know how long I need to be ready before I’m collected to be taken to my venue?

All routes to the service are timed the week previously and you are notified of your departure times.

Do you only operate in the Fylde area?

Whilst we are based in Poulton-le-Fylde we do operate in Blackpool, Fleetwood, Lytham St Annes, Cleveleys and Over Wyre. On occasions we have performed services in Kirkham, Wesham, Preston and Lancaster.

Should you be further a field we are happy to provide a service but please remember it will take us that little bit longer to get there as these cars don’t like to travel fast.

Please note our insurance policy precludes smoking in all of our vehicles.